The Boy I Grew Up WithThe Boy I Grew Up With by Tijan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finally we get Heather Jax and Channing Monroe’s story. Both loved characters from this author’s beloved Fallen Crest Series.
Heather & Channing’s story begins when they are children and i can honestly say that i was totally blown away. I’ve always liked both characters, but this story gives us their life in such depth and layers that liking them is taken to a whole new level. I had pre conceptions about this couple and what i expected, but i can tell you, nothing is what it seems and everything will have you emotionally wrapped in a book that will leave you changed!! We see their growth from youth to adult, and i for one just couldn’t get enough. Their up’s and their down’s, their sweet swoony moments and their hearts on the line. It’s so much more than a coming of age romance, this couple deal with so much, Channing just tore my heart out, this man spent his life wanting nothing but to do whatever was best for Heather. They faced life head on, but no matter what, their connection was never going to be broken. Through good and bad and their push and pull, emotionally my heart was beating right along with theirs. I loved seeing Heather’s emotional side, and i was captivated at her strength. I cannot even begin nor do i want to give you details, because IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD!!! I physically felt their bond, right down to my toes, I felt their pain right through my heart. If you think you knew Channing and Heather, think again because this book will give you a whole new meaning to falling in love with your book Hero’s!
And i have to mention… at the end, your life becomes complete again when we catch up with some little suprises !!!


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Goodbye, KateGoodbye, Kate by Nicola Haken
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG !! This book wasn’t at all what i expected. IT WAS SO MUCH MORE!!
Kate is happy in her life, engaged for 2 years to her adoring fiance Simon and now just about to start the job of her dreams.
And boom!!! This is where the plot and twists with this book begin!! Be prepared for a hell of a ride, it’s brutal and one where life changes in an instant and you don’t even know where or who you are. When you can trust no one, and have to fight to even survive!!! When everything and everyone you love turns out to be lies and now you have to find a way to trust a man, a man named Lincoln Hollis that has the task of ending your life!!
I was literally blown away by this book, right from the beginning to end. The characters embed themselves and I loved that even with all the danger, drama and angst that we still get to know the characters so well that they feel part of us. Kate and Lincoln Hollis are not characters you will forget !!!

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Can't Text ThisCan’t Text This by Teagan Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Monty (Montana) is a sweet naive girl, she doesn’t cuss, she’s still holding her Vcard, and she doesn’t really drink. So a little night out before starting her new teaching job, see’s her behave in a way she never would!!
“Wanna See My Python?” The words that lead to her making out with a Hot Tattoo’d stranger in the toilets of a bar !! But omg what a night, she can’t get it out him out of her mind!! Robbie, single dad, can’t get this girl from the bar out of his mind, she’s definitely not his type.
I can honestly say that i absolutely loved everything about this book. Robbie and Monty together had me in fits of laughter, even though the underlying story is serious. This couple was just so real, their dialogue was just so natural, their sarky responses to each other, had me in cheering them on and giggling at the same time. Robbies dirty delicious sexy mouth even had me hot under the collar, and his little boy just stole my heart ! But what i loved most was that, even with all their banter it was so obviously filled with caring and emotion. They just met, connected, followed through getting to know each other and fell deeply in love, and even when life threw them some obstacles, they never give up !! Every minute of this book was a totally addictive read.

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One Wild Ride (Hollywood Chronicles, #2)One Wild Ride by A.L. Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

oh yeah, this book has you steamy, charmed, laughing and hooked right from the start !!
Elle and Kassius meet when she runs him over with her car, and from that point its fireworks, lust, and fun right the way through. Even though the situation is serious, Kas really is a man who has lots of humour, he’s open, not scared to show his feelings and exudes sexiness !! Elle really doesn’t stand a chance (and neither did I) The Authors have done a fantastic job, we get both POV’s and the more I read, the more i wanted !!
Kas is model and plastered everywhere and also a wants to break into acting. Elle, daughter of a top Hollywood Director, avoids actors at all costs, Especially having been badly burned by one using her to get himself ahead.
Kas really has to work to get his girl, and find a way through Elle’s high walls to even gain a little trust. This might be a short read but it sure does pack a punch in all the right places, it hit my emotions, it kept me turning the pages because you just never knew what antic Kas would come up with next or how Elle would react. I loved the first book in this series, and really didn’t feel it could be topped !! Then again i wasn’t expecting Kassius Cowen !!!!!!!!! BRAVO !!!!

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Ridge (The Crow Brothers, #4)Ridge by S.L. Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have loved this series, of this Rockstar Band of the Crow Brothers, and now we have Ridge (Dave Carson) not a brother by blood but still he’s just as much Family. I’m not quite sure how rockstar books just keep getting better, but this author not only manages that, she does so much more. She brings them to life, not only in your head but also in your heart and your emotions.
Meadow has known the Crow Brother’s most of her turbulent life, and she definitely isn’t going to fall in love or depend on any man and given her past, you can fully understand where she is coming from. She’s fiercely independent and determined to “make” it on her own. Being Stella’s sister means she should really be out of bounds for Ridge.
Ridge knows Meadow is his “one” but he also knows that being with her will always be an uphill battle. Oh how this man drove his way into my heart. His patience, his caring, his understanding, his devotion but most of all his heart, a heart that would sacrifice his own rather that crush the dreams of the person he loves.
This book draws you in and makes you feel so much a part of their journey, both the good and the bad, and it sure Hurts so bad its beyond good !!!! I cried with them, I laughed with them and i totally fell for This Man and This Family.

“Being with you forever doesn’t scare me. The thought of living a life without you does.”

And after you read this book, and get to know Ridge, Meadow and this family, you will feel the same way !!!

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I Bet You (The Hook Up, #2)I Bet You by Ilsa Madden-Mills
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t know where to begin… I could say so much about this book, but it wouldn’t do it justice, It’s fun, its swoony romantic, its emotional, its simply and freaking great read !!!!
I started laughing at Dimpleshitz and from that point to the end it continued.
Ryker Voss, the golden boy of football and Penelope aren’t a couple you would imagine would be just so perfect for each other.
The Chemistry between these two sure has the steam rising. The dialogue had me glued to the pages with silly grins, (I am sure i was getting funny looks) but yet there was romance and swoony moments galore and from beginning to end I was captivated and didn’t want to leave their world. I loved that their story felt so real and so easy to get invested in. Ryker really was that guy who always said the wrong thing at the wrong time and it just made you love him all the more. But below all this fun was a very serious love growing, and i for one LOVED ever single moment of it !!

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Trailer Park HeartTrailer Park Heart by Rachel Higginson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just Wow!
This book is so much more than an enemies to lovers tale.
Ruby is determined to do her best and leave her Trailer Park life and this town behind when she graduates. Now with it all in sight and just 3 months left she decides its time to fullfill her little bucket list and one item in particular – Losing her Virginity.
Logan and Levi Cole have always been a major part of her life, the boys from one of the richest families. Levi being the bane of her school days and always torturing her. Logan always kind and friendly.
An event at a party leads her to a life altering place and everything changes.
Now 7 years later, she’s still living with her heartless mum and Levi Cole returns to town. It just can’t get worse than this and now there are secrets that Ruby can’t risk having exposed !!!
I couldn’t set this book down, its so much more than a hot steamy romance, Hell yes Levi Cole will own your heart !! but this book takes you heart and owns you right from beginning to end. From the judgements of small towns, to realising that you are worth so much more. That you are enough!! I LOVED both these characters, Ruby was young yet she had such fire, and heart . Levi is a man that knows what he wants, and definitely leaves you in a puddle of goo !!! Their story is one that hits your emotions in all directions, from laughing to crying, and from being anxious to joy!! So many things i want to say about this book but its a book you just have to pick up and dive into, because once you do, you won’t want it to end !!!

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