Burning LoveBurning Love by K.M. Lowe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars



This book give me difficulty, one, i’m not a huge fan of firemen, (I have no idea why) but the blurb really interested me. After all who can resist a man that would go through any hell that comes at him for his child right? Secondly i was hugely surprised in all the right ways!!
This is a man in a disaster of a relationship, with the only thing keeping him going is the birth of his little daughter, but the wicked girlfriend disappears with the baby 2 hours after her birth. Mark Mackinven is most definitely a fireman i could fall for !!!
Mark is a mess, and determined to find his daughter, and i loved how this was written. I loved getting the man’s emotional side, and a father’s devotion !! You could easily feel and empathise with this mans desperation and emotions. The twists and turns keep you glued to the pages, and his relationship with work mates and family melted my heart. He’s got a super team of solicitors on his case, namely Alex and this is where the romance comes in and their attraction to each other. Although I do have to say that I liked Alex, but i just didn’t really feel them as a couple. Although it was hinted that she had some issues and a dark past we don’t find out much about her and i felt their relationship was really just a side issue compared to the action we were already enveloped in. But in saying that it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book as a whole. If you like Romantic Suspense, If you like a man that will leave no stone unturned and has deep unconditional love for his child you will love this book !

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