It Started with a Lie

It Started with a Lie by Lisa Suzanne
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Brian Fox has a successful business, but he’s become lazy and is used to depending on money from his hugely successful Rock Star brother Mark, to provide funds when he needs it. I wasn’t sure I could ever really like Brian, although he’s hot as hades, he’s entitled, inconsiderate, overbearing, obnoxious and really does have a couldn’t give a hoot attitude. Women are to be used for a purpose of satisfaction only, no emotional entanglements. Yeah not really the kind of guy who’s basket you would want to put all your eggs in!!!
So when his brother decides to limit his funding and send in a fixer who is now technically Brians boss, he’s not well pleased. The fact she’s female and he’s absolutely attracted to her doesn’t help. He wants to dislike her right? But he can’t risk his friends who co own the business with him know whats happening and introduces her as his new Girlfriend. Oh how i loved Vivian, she’s clever, smart and definitely more than able to put Brian Fox in his corner !!! The working and personal relationship between these two as they battled each other on the business side and battle themselves with their emotions had me devouring the pages !!! The chemistry between the two exploded out of the pages. The more Brian showed his crass side, the more i disliked him and yet i found myself drawn to him at the same time, so yeah Vivian didn’t really stand a chance !!!! But what i loved most was, how this woman, was able to get this man with walls so high to even let them down a little, and then you realise that your heart is slowing falling right alongside her for BRIAN FOX !!! So much in this book to keep you in reading bliss, steamy, laughs, tears and most of all your emotions will ride a roller coaster and you will love every single up and down and not want it to end. This author has wrote a book that not only has you so engrossed with the characters that when the ending nears you know that this man has taken your heart and your left with your heart in little pieces !!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE !!!!!!!

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