All Grown UpAll Grown Up by Vi Keeland
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This book, for me was just perfect!!! I LOVED every single page of it and it has most definitely become my absolute favourite from this author !!
The main characters, Valentina and 30 something divorcee, and Ford a 25 yr old, successful business man, meet whilst tinkering with an online dating site, neither really hoping to find anyone. Ford was checking it out for his business and Valentina checking out a profile her best friend had set her up with!!
I loved the dialogue and chemistry between this couple right from the start, humour, and yet you could feel such a genuine connection building.
Having come out of a marriage that has left Valentina with no confidence, this guy seems to find all the right ways to both make her laugh and feel comfortable. Ford just finds this woman refreshing. Of course there is always something to throw a spanner in the works of a flourishing hot sexy relationship beginning right? When they finally meet, its only to discover they aren’t really strangers!!! How can it possibly become anything with the age gap? Valentina is definitely NOT going to date a 25 yr old under any circumstances!! OMG BUT YA AINT MET FORD!!! I’d definitely be a willing cougar for that man any day of the week!! My knees and my heart went weak with his romancing!!!! I literally couldn’t get enough of them !!! Realistic and beautifully written and i could easily imagine this couple to be friends and so easy to get caught up in every part of their blooming lust, love, and zest for life!!! Age is but a number !!! and i know once you read this book we will alll want Ford’s Number!!

Coming July 8th
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