Boyfriend BargainBoyfriend Bargain by Ilsa Madden-Mills
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh how i looked forward to this book, the teasing snippets released from the author had me salivating, and then the cover!! Well hello !! I knew i would just have to dive into this book.
Not only did i love the book and characters, it exceeded all my expectations!!
“Z” is at he top of his game and already drafted but is finishing his last year at school, but some issues from the past and the present pressures on him, are weighing him down.
Sugar is a girl, with a determination to succeed, to become more than ever expected of her, especially to the eyes of her absent father.
I loved the romance between these two characters, it was fun, steamy, flirty, yet underneath the surface we had two people, drowning under the the emotional weights, and pressures they at times placed upon themselves. I loved the depth i felt from both their positions and it all felt so real. We all expect young people to have peer pressures from those around them, but sometimes the worst is when they desperately try to live up to the ones that are heaved onto them from family. To be better, to show they are worthy, to rise above being left feeling they are never enough.
I am a bit of a sucker for sport romance, but more than that, i love when i can really feel the characters and get so invested in them, that they just feel real for me, that doesn’t always happen. Zack and Sugar most definitely owned me, and i loved and was captured by every single emotional moment of their rocky journey.

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