Boys of Brayshaw High (Brayshaw, #1)Boys of Brayshaw High by Meagan Brandy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

oh wow !!! Holy cat fish i was dragged kicking and screaming into this drama and loved every single minute of it !!
A heroine (Rae) that is beyond kick ass, sassy and will bend to no ones rules.
A trio of hot boys/men, Maddoc, Captain & Royce) that make the rules, Loyal to each other and harbour grudges like you can’t fathom.
Throw in drama, angst and a cupboard over flowing with skeletons and you have a book that grips, ensnares and throws a punch that will leave you reeling for days !! Welcome to Brayshaw High and enjoy the ride!! I couldn’t put this book down, with every page i felt compelled to join this group and be part of it, my loyalties were right there along with them and the deeper i got the more involved i felt!! You really couldn’t predict what was going to come next. One of the most exciting books i’ve read in a while !! I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE !!!!!

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