The Wrong Prince CharmingThe Wrong Prince Charming by Holly Renee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this story, and its perfect summer reading!!!
Maddison starts college happy and confident. Her best friend and expected future “Husband” Theo is already there, but when Easton comes on the scene, dilema’s and confliction with emotions begins.
Maddie has always loved Theo, and figured their future is set, but Easton has set something alight inside her, he’s also out of bounds being Theo’s Frat Brother and her TA in English.
Hell yes, this little almost Love Triangle had me hooked!! I loved how this author brought the characters to life and their interactions with each other had me torn between who i wanted her to choose and who she should choose!! Oh the angst!!!Both guy had ticked mostly all the boxes!! But on a serious side it also give the tough emotional journey not only Maddison had to take but the two guys too !!! At times i was just as conflicted by my feelings as Maddie! I never knew who i was rooting for from one page to the next!! I was either in an emotional mess along with Maddie or wanting to fist pump when she made a decision i totally went along with !! Definitely a book I loved from beginning to end !!

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