Pieces of Us (Confessions of the Heart, #3)Pieces of Us by A.L. Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have no words, this book, this book is what Romance and love is all about. My heart, my emotions have been sucked in and owned by this story from beginning to end.
A broken man, who loves hard and has everything to give, yet he denies himself, the one person he lives to love.
A broken woman with 2 young children, crushed by the love of her life, yet knows she will never had that life with him that she dreamed off.
It just doesn’t get better than this, they say love conquers all, but omg this author does not give it to us easily. It’s a path filled with humps and thorns, and each one leaves us with those little scars that don’t ever really heal. It’s friends and family, life charging ahead when you feel so lost and alone. When all those around you know the one thing that will complete you is just right there for the taking. It’s forgiveness, its growing up and its finding the person inside you that you have always been.
Mack has loved Izzy all his life, now she’s back in town, can they let go of the past to reach their future. Ahhh you need to pick up this book, it will own you right from the start, but know this.. you will be captivated, entranced and and totally snared by this couples fight for love, fight for family and you won’t be able to set this book down. Mack is everything, even if he is stubborn and set in his view of himself, his passion is goes above and beyond. My heart truly melted with this book, it broke into pieces and it healed with my tears both happy and sad. This story is one of those that find a special place in your heart and stays… this is A STORY us romance readers live for !!!!

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