One More Moment (Band on the Run, #3)One More Moment by Samantha Chase
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Rockstar Julian Grayson is taking time out from his normal life, Jaded and heartbroken, by a gold digging cheating Fiance, he really just wants to be left alone and re evaluate his life. This is a man who has learned to trust no one, after all people just want to know or be with him because of his Fame, right? Jaded and sceptical of everyone, when he forgets his wallet at a coffee shop and a beautiful young woman pays for his coffee, he can’t be blamed for thinking she has ulterior motives, and thinking she’s recognised him and is “after Something”.
Social Worker Charlotte Clark is everything Julian hasn’t experienced. She’s natural, kind, heart of gold, genuine, infact i loved this character. She doesn’t recognise him, she’s just a girl that will help anyone if she feels she can. Julian is captivated by her, and wants to get to know her so he lets her keep her first impressions of him, and doesn’t make her aware that he isn’t a homeless person down on his luck.
This is such a sweet heartwarming love story, with characters you can’t fail to love. Julian has many issues to deal with, and i loved the journey he took and how each step of their relationship just felt so natural, growing into a love story that will melt your heart. It’s not always easy let go of the past and what i loved most was this book, was that it all felt so real, nothing over dramatic yet it was full of emotion, and just two people who really were soul mates. From Strangers, to Friends to Lovers, and captivating the whole way. Loved it, this is the kind of Romance that restores your faith !!!!!

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