Rebel HeartRebel Heart by L.K. Farlow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes!! College Romance with all the humour, angst, drama and yet a touchingly beautiful love story.

Brock Larson is a rich entitled a**hole, even if he is the University’s best ever golfer!!
AJ (Abbey Jane) is horrified when she’s placed in a postion that gives her no options than to tutor him, or it could mean her failing her own course. She can’t stand this guy, even if they do have a history!! As kids they were best friends, that was until Abbey’s family became the outcasts in his entitled rich world!!
Oh how i loved AJ, she was sassy, and a true rebel at heart and she took no prisoners!! She just didn’t know how she could cope with having to spend time with Brock being in her personal space, she’s spent years avoiding him.
Brock is cocky, confident, but beneath the exterior lies a young man, fighting to live up to expectations and burdens he loathes.
They say there is a fine line between Love and Hate and there is no finer line that between these two !!
They totally captured me from page one !!! I loved the banter between them, neither giving the other an inch!! A couple made in heaven, or maybe hell !!!! I found myself laughing out loud, giggling and at times tearing up. Even with their push pull, i found the story compulsive reading and was glued to the pages. The chemistry was leaping out of the pages, so often i was yelling to myself ” omg you two need a room”. I loved how their relationship blurred all the lines and loved getting to know these two complicated individuals. My Heart broke for them both.
Definitely a book to give you all the smiles and emotions without leaving you feeling drained and with a foolish sappy grin instead !!

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