Broken Beats - An Illusion Series NovelBroken Beats – An Illusion Series Novel by D. Kelly
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Hot Sexy Drummer, Single Dad, and a man struggling to survive the loss of Belle, his soulmate and love of his life.
Life has changed for the whole band after the coach wreck, they have lost people and family they love and their children have lost a parent. How do you move on, how do you still breath and find happiness? Darren’s whole world is his little daughter Cadence, he’s surviving, just about, when he meets a gorgeous curvacious woman at his brother’s bar. Can he begin to date again? Put himself out there? One thing he does know is that he really wants to get to know this girl.
Haddie is really attractive to this man, but she isn’t ready to move on from losing her beloved Fiance in an accident that also left her with so much more than the internal scars of grief!!
I knew this story would be emotional, and i wanted so bad for Darren to find a happy ending. The author has broached this subject, with tender care, emotionally gripping you from the very beginning. I couldn’t hold back the tears, nor the hope that began to fill my heart with how this couple strived to find the heart to live and to love again. Darren and Haddie brings grief, love, family, trust, and devotion that will reside in your heart for a long time, along with laughs, tears, and belief that love really is what makes the world go around !!!

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