I really enjoyed this new to me author read.  Well developed characters and plenty to keep you turning pages !!!  This book is due for publication on 24th October 2018, but you can pre order it on amazon !!!   

Further To FallFurther To Fall by Catherine Cowles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars





Carter is not only Rock Star Liam’s childhood friend she’s remained his best friend. Austin, an upcoming MMA fighter determined to make it to the top is also Liam’s friend but when both Austin and Carter meet, is pretty much instant dislike. Austin has been badly burned, with a gold digging cheat, and Carter is still “innocent” and beginning her career as a teacher. With Austin in the middle, Austin reaches out to undo misunderstandings with Carter and they find they have more in common than not. What starts out as a shaky friendship can become so much more, or can it?
This was a new to me author and I love it when i go blind into a book and find one that i really enjoy from beginning to end.
This book was well written in both pov’s, and definitely got my emotions hooked !! Carter was likeable, sassy, a strong no nonsense girl, yet at times a little naive, but she really did have a heart of gold. Austin for all his bluff and bluster, was someone you couldn’t help but like. He definitely wasn’t a man that was interested in any kind of relationship. I loved how their friendship and their hearts progressed, Even at times when they were under such pressure, with an unknown danger lurking. How even though they denied their feelings, it was leaping out of the pages, their chemistry was smoking !! I really enjoyed the push pull and the angst as they came to the realisation of the depth of their feelings and i was rooting to hard for Austin because, lets face it, he was perfect. And then he wasn’t !!!! While he stuttered in his fear of Love, he broke Carter’s heart in the worst way and with the worst person, but could or did he deserve to win her back? Even knowing this couple were made for each other, i was on edge, wondering how or even if i wanted them to make their way back to where they belonged and to each other. I’m not a huge fan of men who think its fine, to shag everything that moves to find their true feelings, and then think they can go back to get “their girl” and i’m not enthused with strong women, falling limply at their feet when these men return saying sorry but I Love you, blah blah. But that’s just me !! i am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author !

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