I am so excited for this year’s reading, so many great books on the way and so many yet to be discovered. This is the books i have been reading this month, i am sure i will find some new favourite books.  Too see the reviews and purchase links please click on the graphic.  Happy Browsing folks and please feel free to contact me through our Facebook Page or Email, to let me know what you think or of any super books you have found and I should be reading !!!! 


This is a first for me, I've been reading most of my life, have found books that I still love even now, have found books that I've thought were the best reads of my life, but this month I have read not just one, but two of the most amazing books I've had the privilege to experience in my reading life. I could not give these books this high acclaim of 5 stars, i had to go a little further, so for the first time i am awarding 6 stars to probably two of the most exceptional books you will experience and books you will never forget,  which will own your heart and your emotions from  Authors of outstanding talent, that really set the bar !!


I barely know where to begin, I have been fortunate enough to have had some pretty amazing reads this month. I'm talking books that will captivate and consume you. Characters that you just won't want to let go, and books you don't ever want to end.  My absolute top picks this month in no particular order  would have to be .......  GENTLEMAN NINE by Penelope Ward, this book just spoke to every part of me, emotionally, humour and some pretty darned serious mushy moments. I loved both characters and the slightly different plot, best friends to lovers with so much more inbetween.   Next up  was a totally Wow!!!  book for me and i have been impatiently waiting for it....  CONSEQUENCE by Rachel Higginson,  yes i said wow!  This book will tangle you up and won't release you.  Manipulations, lies, Twists and turns you can't predict and a hot ass hero to  melt your heart into a lake, never mind a puddle!!!  Centers around a Bratva Mafia theme, and even though not  my most favourite of plots, this book absolutely blew me away. A hero and Heroine that despite their pasts were determined to escape the brutal life !!  And Lastly but my no means last  ... SPARK by S.L. Scott, a Rock Star, but no ordinary Rock Star, this man will blow you away,  Character, depth, emotion, a man that takes the sour grapes of life and most definitely turns it to wine, a man that loves with his whole self, and always lets those he loves know it. A man that to the very end is himself!!  This book is one of the best Rock Star books i have read, and a huge added bonus that he's also a single father, but you will have to read it to get the details on that !!!




SOME HUGELY INCREDIBLE BOOKS THIS MONTH, Pepper Winters and the first part of her duet THE BOY AND HIS RIBBON, this book without a doubt will be one of your top reads this year.
  Next we have HAVOC by Debra Anastasia, omg just absolutely fantastic writing and characters that will just melt into your heart. I could rant on about these two books all day and still wouldn't have the appropriate words to explain the unique reading experience each of them brings.  CRAFT by Adrianna Locke, this is probably one of my most favourite of her books!!  PRETTY UGLY  by Jane Anthony is the second book of a Duet the first being PRETTY RECKLESS and both books have been fantastic reads !!  THE CURSE OF CAIN by J.P. Barry, well wow !! this book will just blow your mind, so many twists my head is left spinning, a totally addictive read !!




I can honestly say that his month's reading has been utterly amazing, varied and my emotional sanity almost left me!! Fantastic must read books coming in May or already released this month.  I can't even decide on top favorites this month.  REBEL HEIR by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland just began the month setting the bar, I DARE YOU by Ilsa Madden-Mills, wow! this is her best one yet, witty, hot, sassy and emotional, You will not forget Maverick!! LYRIC by MOLLY McADAMS, holy crap, two opposite lifestyles collide, danger, secrets and a love that will blow you away. All seemlessly brought together !!! 



Wow i'm not sure where to begin with this months reading, its been an exceptional month for me, but how do i pick my top favs of the month??  I have no idea, BAD BOY BRODY by Tijan was definitely in my tops, this author just keeps getting better and better, i love her unique stories !!!!  TULSA by S.L. Scott, LEAD ME HOME by A.L. Jackson, REBEL HEART by the fantastic Duo, Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland each and every one fantastic, emotional, hot steamy, swoony reads !!!!  BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE by Victoria Ashley, i absolutely love ROYAL SAVAGE and was so excited to be given the opportunity to read this book and it most definitely did not disappoint !!!!!!  Also,this has been a great month for new to me authors (authors i haven't read before) and my tops of these has got to be SOL & SOMBRA by Leslie McAdam  .. omg talk about beautiful Love??  I read the Second book first lol and this book owns my heart, then i read the first book because .. well after the amazing Sombra how could i not??  I didn't think it would be as emotional for me as Sombra but holy shit i was wrong !!  If you haven't read this author before ... i would highly recommend picking these books up !! 










I'm almost in a book coma this month! I can honestly say that i have read one of the most emotional, heartbreaking and yet uplifting book duets I have ever read. It is of course the conclusion to the amazing RIBBON DUET, from Pepper Winters. An outstanding experience with exceptional characters and writing!

We also have Clare's reviews coming to join us this month, Clare is a devoted reader like myself and loves to share her recommendations.  I cant think of any books we have read this month that don't deserve to be picked up or one clicked !!  HAPPY READING FOLKS !!!