This is the first installment of a New MC series coming from this talented author, and i can assure you, it most definitely does not disappoint.

Erin is such a cool chick, speaks her mind, and takes no bull, after learning that the man who raised her isn’t her real father, she is determined to track down the man her mother kept a secret from her.
Well what can i say? What a secret !!!!
Her real father is none other than the freaking President of MC Club, The Cursed Ravens. Coming from a typical picket fence and 2.1 kid family, Erin wonders if she could cope with a Biker or Bikers life. After storming into the clubhouse during a party, the first person who catches her eye is a hot sexy biker by the name of Ace and demands to see her father. Both Men are shocked, her father had also been kept in the dark about her existence, and Ace, well damn the club has a new Princess and she is out of bounds !!!!
I loved this book, i couldn’t get enough. Erin had me in fits of laughter, with her attitudes, humour and a tongue with no filter !!! Ace was just goddamned hot sexy and a man that leaves you in a pool of drool!!! But i loved how Erin grew into club life, how the hesitant relationship between her and her new found father developed, and at the same time the burning attraction between Erin and Ace, was building to combust!! Ace even though a biker has strong Loyalties to his Pres and club, and is torn with his attraction to Erin, and i was left with a melted heart. It all felt so natural and real that you just can’t help but get caught up in each and every page. Life or Love is never easy, but when you find the right people it sure makes everything more colorful. I can’t wait for more of this series and dive in to learn more of my now new fave MC CLUB !!!!!