Cassidy Rae is a single mother, doing her best to provide for her Daughter. Her life is really just a roundabout of struggle, to make ends meet, to care for her daughter and to try to better things for them both and always feels the weight of the world on her shoulders.
Jason is Rebel Desire’s Bassist. He’s a no games straight up kinda guy. Having split up with his girlfriend after finding out that he was merely being used to further her own career, he’s decided that love can’t really be trusted.
He and Cassidy meet when he becomes at customer at her diner.
This is a really sweet low drama little love story. Both Cassidy and Jason were apprehensive to face their feelings. But once Jason had met her, he wasn’t going to give up, whatever obstacles they had to face. At times I almost found Jason to be just too sweet and accommodating, a felt it was a little over the top. Most of the issues they had to resolve were from Cassidy’s side yet i didn’t ever feel that she sacrificed anything to make it easier for Jason. Jason most definitely made all the compromises to raise Cassidy’s confidence and was the rock she needed. But then who wouldn’t love a man who loves their child and wants only the best for them. Little Rae Rae almost stole the show !!! I did enjoy this book, and the author did a good job of getting my emotions rattled on a few occasions lol Most at Cassidy Rae, i really did wanna give her a little shake. A good Steady read .