This is a prequel to bad behaviour by Vivian wood. A quickie if you like to give you some insight, like an apitizer before the main course.

Asher and Jameson are like oil and water. Shouldn’t mix very well but strangely do and forge a bond that to an outsider might seem strange.

Unkempt wild Jameson with his 2 brothers Forest and Gunnar, found at the beginning of the book living with their Grandma Jane after their parents abandoned them. Dark and brooding but a family unit. Together they stand divided they fall.

Asher on the other hand and his “off limits” little sister Emma come from a family of wealth and expectations. Their parents disapprove of his friendship with Asher and life is made difficult for the boys.

Snap shots into their lives from Childhood to recent months give you an insight an understanding of their behaviours and reactions.

You are left feeling both drawn to them both and needing to know more…. *off to bad behaviour I go*