Yes I have a weakness for Rock Stars.
Lily Philips is most definitely a modern girl, independent, snarky, witty, and definitely will never again let her heart be broken, especially by A**hole men. Particularly Asher, problem is that despite their past which ended badly, he’s her best friends Brother in Law.
Asher is all kinds of a moody, aggressiveand tortured rocker and I have to admit that i wasn’t sure at the beginning of this book if i would ever get to really like him.
Thrown together again, this couple were absolutely riveting, and it was obvious that even with their previous bad ending that the emotional and physical connection between to two was as forceful as ever. Oh how i loved their drama and angst. Both stubborn and both unwilling to give an inch. I Loved every single moment !!!!! Asher was definitely at times overbearing yet i found myself strangely loving him. Even with his alpha tendencies, there was just something so vulnerable and well, I just can’t deny he was hot, delicious and darned SEXY !!! I loved this authors writing, characters that i felt i just “got” and felt fully pulled into their world. I loved the relationships between family and friends. I laughed with them and I cried. But what I loved most was that at the beginning I had no opinion of whether or not I actually wanted this couple to be together, and when I reached the point that I wanted nothing more than them to make it, this author was able to keep me guessing until the end !!