Simply put, this book had me intoxicated and addicted right from the start. It’s not a pretty story, its rough, raw, emotional and its love at its worst and best. It deals with some tough subjects, and violence, yet the love pouring from the pages is just heart melting.
Jax and Alexandra had been friends at a young age, Jax was Alexandra’s “safe place” and her protector. Jax on the other hand needed Alexandra to keep his sanity as his life was just as much down the pits, with a drug addicted alcoholic mother. They relied on each other, until one incident, and Alexandra was gone.
13 YEARS he’s desperately wanted to know where she was, to see her, to finaly have the missing part of him, to no avail. Alexandra is back in town unbeknown to Jax, she’s been avoiding him, she doesn’t want him to ever know how deeply she is broken and how far down the path of destruction she has travelled.
Omg this book will tear out your heart, Jax is a pure alpha, hot, dreamy, rough edges you just wanna snuggle up with and a protective instinct, that will leave no mercy for those he deems needs put in their place. Alexandra is such a strong girl, even though she feels weak, she really just needed a reason to live, right? This book brings danger and suspense along with an epic love you just don’t want to end !! I freaking loved it !!!!