Although a novella, this book packs a punch and I absolutely loved the fact that the female lead character was not only the star of the show, she was a young woman full of grit and determination to make it, in this Car Racing Man’s World!! Noah is a man you either love or hate, and i loved him. He said what he meant and took no crap, but underneath the exterior there was an amazing guy !! 
Vera is taken on to train in the racing academy by Noah, ex (forced to retire) Champion Racing Driver, and its not long till its not only the tyres that are the hottest thing between them.
Noah is reluctant to train a woman, but he’s soon won over with her skills behind the wheel. Not only does he boost her confidence, he ingrains the tools she will need to survive this male chauvinistic world, and the way it will drive her confidence in herself into the ground.

I really enjoyed this book, and its felt so much more than a novella, it doesn’t lack depth or bones to the story and i felt nothing was cut short in it. Their growing relationship was so easily believable, even when she felt abandoned by Noah, she realised he was doing it to make her stronger. When her dreams seem to be coming true, Noah Steps back not wanting to hinder her rise, but there comes a time when he just melted my heart and stood up to all in the most amazing way!! Definitely a book you can read and thoroughly enjoy in a day with characters you will be left wanting so much more from !!!!