A barely legal taboo novella of the best variety, a reletionship formed in secret behind closed doors and away from closed minds.

My heart was racing with excitement before I had even finished the first Chapter.

Darkness eats at my soul and so a book full of so wrong but so right, of no on the outside but yes to need and desire. Oh so beautiful.

A couple of wild ones amidst a sea of normalcy Coach Everett Long and River Banks.

Coach is recovering from losing his girlfriend to his co worker at Brown Senior High as he teaches AP pre calculus and physical Education.

River Banks is new to town after severely embarrassing her parents forcing them all to relocate.

Between the two of them the sexual chemistry is off the scale.

An overworked on the hurdles hormonal schoolgirl, and a sex starved coach is asking for trouble.. in a delicious and naughty way.

I loved the sexual tension and build ups between them I didn’t want it to end!

Fantastic quick read if you are looking for a dose of darkness, and you can follow it up with the interconnecting standalone novellas of the same heat and spice for more!