Sadie Banks has just lost her job, and to top that off, her past is creeping into her present and that just isn’t good.
Jaxon Cassidy has just been the photographer at his Ex Fiance’s wedding, yeah that sucks, now though he’s sold up and diving into a new project that could launch his career.
This book, this book had me reeling !!!!! Seriously? Sneaky author but hell of a read!!!
At first after a particular event involving Sadie, and another person, my first reactions were, eek oh no no no, don’t do that! I have to say that the heroine’s actions at that point didn’t impress me, and i was unsure if i could grow to like her. BUTTTT well what can i say, Kim Karr has wrote a story that will tangle you up. How do Sadie and Jaxon collide? I aint gonna tell you, other than, this book is steaming sexy hot, its addictive reading, it grips you and won’t let you go because there are so many twists you won’t know which way to turn. Did i mention it’s hot? I really mean Jaxon Cassidy is HOT, HOT !!! oh my heart !! Now there is definitely a man i wanna keep !! Needless to say, after ignoring all life around me because.. i simply couldn’t put this book down,i was to afraid to miss anything, i ended up drying my tears and my heart smiling again, all is well with the world!! Not only did fall for Jaxon, I loved Sadie too !!!