This is the second book in this duet, and you really need to read the first book,  CONSTANT  first. Believe me once you do read it you won’t be able to wait to dive into this second one.
As a continuation of the first book i don’t want to give too much away, to create spoilers for the first, but we know Sayer and Caro (Caroline) have be reunited of sorts and their daughter has been kidnapped.
Holy freaking hell, all i can say is i was thrown into turmoil!! Fast and Furious, so many lies, manipulations, truths, twists and turns coming to the fore. My head was spinning and i was greedy for more!!! The evil webs are being dismantled and i was blown away by Sayer Wesley. That man isn’t just sex on a stick, he’s got a brain and the events that are revealed just made me fall even deeper into his spell!! No wonder Caro had no resistance to him. What that man won’t do for those he loves !!!! He will take on the world and win!! We see true love and devotion among the dark and evil. I both loved and wanted to slap Caro at times in this book, but really at the end of the day, she’s a woman that will destroy anyone who threatens her family. Gus, Frankie, and Cage were perfect supporting characters and i would absolutely adore more of them, especially Gus, oh hell yes also Frankie and Cage!!! I even came to like Mason! I loved that this book give us both past and present, it made your understanding of the characters even stronger and get fully invested. I love a book that consumes me to the point that regular life vanishes and i’m thrust into the world and characters I’m reading and this is such a book !!!! I didn’t want to leave !!!