I openly admit *holds hands up* I did not read the blurb of this book. The cover and name of the author hooked me and so I didn’t know what I was in for!

Darkness invades lakehurst separating and pitting the inhabitants against each other.

People of the fog, the lower class versers the rich downtowners.

In the midst of this is a diner where the fog is less and the sky is more. Inside this said diner we meet Ophelia or Phee as she is known to her nearest and dearest.

A female warrior, not afraid to speak her mind and that is exactly how she meets Bryant.

The table filled with downtowners. Sharp suits and smart mouths go hand in hand but is all what it seems should you judge a book by its cover.

Ambiguous that might be but it’s true.

I thought I was in for a typical billionaire CEO story when they met and was very suprised and ashamed that I judged too quickly.

There is so much to the man with the turquoise eyes, known as Bryant and he never stopped shocking me with his actions all the way through.

Dark, exciting, thought provoking, fast action pased introduction to Jennifer’s world.

Next time I will read the blurb … honest!