Oh My!! Where to begin. My heart is being taken over by these Gibson Boys (men) and what Men They are!!!
This is Lance’s story, a History Teacher, Cocky, Smart, sharp witted, big ego, playboy, manslut, and thats just the tip of the iceberg, because this man is so much more and has more layers than an onion!!
Mariah Malarky is the librarian at the school he teaches and they have a friendlyish, working relationship. Where she provides cupcakes and he teases her to bits, also at the same time using her office to chat up his dating app conquests. Mariah isn’t really on the market to catch a man, having been horribly betrayed and let down by her former fiance. To say the girl has trust issues is putting it mildly.
This couple seemed like total opposites to begin with, Lance is absolutely against anything that ends in the word ship, especially Relation !!! Mariah is a sweet girl, and I loved her guts, even though she lacks confidence in herself due to years of being made to never feel good enough. Yet the more we dive into their journey with them the more we can see that they are totally made for each other. Their banter and chemisty was smokin !!! and made addictive reading, the kind you inhale!!
Adriana Locke reels us in so flawlessly, that you even forget your reading a book, I laughed with this couple, and my heart warmed at each step they took together and their personalities shone. You get that seriously warm and fuzzy glow, and then your heart just breaks, even though you know these two people you have just fell in love with, HAVE TO MAKE IT!! This book is that Love, the one you dream of, the love you know can exist, the love that isn’t just your soul mate……

“But listen to me- Life isn’t that complicated. It’s meant to be lived with those we can’t live without.”

This book is so much more than romance, its family, its sticking together, its supporting each other, its life, its friendship, its LOVE! It’s a girl that doesn’t feel enough and its a man who feels he’s to damaged to receive that elusive unconditional love!! And if you want to know what that is.. just read this book !!!!!




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