I am not always a fan of Novella’s i tend to feel i’m missing half the story… but i have to say, a absolutely loved this one, not only is it a super read, we also get 2 other short stories involving Kip and Nora, from the Gibson Boys and Blaire from the Landrys !!
Kallie left town a few years ago, leaving behind the love of her life, the man she’d been in love with all her youth. When things seemed bleak and she felt he would never mature she decided to it had to end. Now she’s back and Cross has matured and Wow what a man he still is!! He’s still in love with Kallie, but can and will she trust him again?
Kallie and Cross are characters you just fall in love with. She’s a woman you want to be and he’s definitely a man you would love to catch !! IF ONLY !! I do enjoy second chance romances and even though a novella, i had laughter, tears and smiles the whole way through and it didn’t feel rushed. I loved the friendships and gaining another little insight into some of the Gibson boys!!! Yeah this book is definitely a super lil read and i’m even more excited now to catch up with that Hottie Maclan Gibson and absolutely loved getting to know The Landry Family’s Sister Blaire more !!! All in all i totally enjoy these short reads but they have left me CRAVEing more !!!!!