OMG!! WTF? Seriously?
First things first… why why haven’t i read these books sooner!!!! ahhhh This book will have you twisting in your seat and on edge from beginning to end. It’s DARK, its mysterious, it two hugely damaged souls who come together and fuse like a nuclear bomb. Felix/Fix an ex priest now master of a career that is the absolutely in the opposite end of the spectrum. Sera, a successful business woman/ survivor of a child hood of physical and sexual abuse.
Two of the most unlikely people shoved together by circumstance and a plot with so many twists, hot sexy dirty filthy passion and written brilliantly that it leads to one thing … you will be so freaking hooked!!! I couldn’t put it down. I think i may also be obsessed with Fix !! OMG that man !! every time he opens his mouth, its a lot more than my panties that are melting !!!! i’m not even going to think about giving anything away, because this is a book that you need to dive into, knowing that you will be glued to those pages right to the end.
I loved Sera, life didn’t and wouldn’t break her, her strength and determination to leave her past behind her left me in awe. This is definitely a woman who will never let anyone break her.
Fix is a man full of darkness but there are also shades of light. He takes no prisoners and he makes no excuses. Oh how i loved his dirty mouth (and his body!!!)
But seriously with the circumstances and dangers they have to face, it’s impossible to know the outcome. If you love dark, dangerous, Sexy, over the top protective men, this is one you must read. If you love picking up a book and being so immersed in the story that you loose all track, then this is a definite must to read. I have never been happier to know i can dive straight into the next book because I am desperate for my next FIX !!!!!!!!