Well.. WOW !!!!

Having Met Weston in the Dirty Filthy Rich Men Duet, I really liked him and couldn’t wait to get his story.

Weston is most definitely a player, but he’s also  likeable and charming, the total opposite to Donavon.

He has a real (fake Marriage) arrangement with Elizabeth, real marriage, real divorce, no relationship. It’s purely business,  and i couldn’t wait to see how this would turn out!  This couple are both stubborn, both want their own way, both are always right, both won’t give an inch to the other. I was riveted to their push pull, although the sexual chemistry between the two was steaming hot, neither was prepared to leave themselves vulnerable to the other or admit to any emotions being involved. When two firecrackers join up.. wait for the explosion !!!!  Oh how i loved watching both Weston and Elizabeth strive for the upper hand, but i loved even more how their relationship developed and how intense it became!! I am sure on more than one occasion I needed to fan myself to cool down. I adored learning  the real personalities behind each of their facades and this only made me fall even more for this charming player!!! When a book gives you characters that just feel so  natural, and real you can’t help but to become totally engrossed and involved emotionally in their story and this author gives us this in spades!!  Love never goes smoothly right?  Now i’m in  desperation !! I need the  next book, the plot twists will leave you squealing at your kindle and being blind sided in the best possible way !!!!   Can’t wait for the next one !!!  Although i didn’t think  Donovan would have to be sharing the pedestal i put him on, this author has proved me wrong !!!!!