Can someone so alone and shattered rebuild their life though it’s not their Chosen path?

Eden finds herself in a new town with a new job thanks to her financial situation imposed upon her by her once trusted Father. No longer able to afford to finish her degree and homeless she starts about making the most of her new life.

Seven years living at Miller’s Efficiency Units hiding from the world Donovan isn’t living he is merely surviving and going through the motions, pretending to fit in but standing out like a sore thumb.

Eden I found I really liked as a character. Kind, caring, considerate and friendly beautiful both inside and out.

Donovan on the other hand the dark to Edens light, haunted by an untold past, withdrawn from all around him made my heart bleed, and filled my mind with a desire to know more.

Twists and turns, suprises, tears and devastation. this book has left me emotionally shattered as I demolished it in less than a day.
A pull so strong to read just a little more I couldn’t put it down. I became a victim to “just one more page” and I don’t regret a moment of it.

Neither… will you!