Going into this book, i had a little trepidation, i’m a bit of a Betty Downer at times. Sometimes when something is perfect as is The Fixed Trilogy i worry .. because how can you best something that’s already Fixed in your heart. Right?
I had no need, slipping into Hudson and Alayna’s world felt like coming home to that steaming hot welcoming hug!! Hudson(swoon) was just as commanding and Alayna just as she always was only better!! How indignant i felt when someone tried to upset the apple cart!! It’s said the past always comes back to bite you… and now Hudson and Alayna were having their relationship seriously tested, and my heart wasn’t sure i could take it !!! I may have very few nails left, i couldn’t put it down. Hudson Pierce is a man you really don’t want to face when he’s backed into a corner. The outcome of the book isn’t for me to tell you… but one thing i do know, when i thought i couldn’t love one of my favorite book hero’s any more than i already did, this author wound her spell into my heart yet again and proved me wrong !! and i loved every single word, thought and emotion of it !!!!