Fixing her is Miranda Elaines debut, and wow has she set the bar high for future books or what!

I was Captivated and enthralled by the end of chapter four. Temperance affectionately known as Tempie is just adorable and so realistic in her lifestyle.

A Whirlwind of chaos and stains had me chuckling along and nodding “yup yup I’ve had days like that” and that is what I loved about this book I was able to connect and sympathise with each and every situation that cropped up in her average morning.

Everyone has the one that got away or the guy you crushed on at high school, enter Asher Kade the former High school Quarterback loved and adored by all including Tempie.

This is where the rollercoaster of a ride that this book provides truly starts.

I found myself almost holding my breath, nails long gone, heart pounding in anticipation and expectation, teetering on the edge of my seat in excitement and then .. oh ..

*holds hands up* I openly admit I threw my phone.. I didn’t drop it.. I threw it ..

Shocked, Astonished, totally didn’t see that coming and to me the books that can do this to you are the ones that you remember, that you recommend to your friends, your peers and fellow book enthusiasts ..

So here I am telling you hand on my heart, you will wish you had a crazy shy friend like Tempie.  You will fall head over heels in love with Asher yourself and add him to your book boyfriend list.  Last but not least your emotions will go haywire, time will be lost and as your head and heart fill with one hundred different thoughts and emotions I suspect you will feel as I did.

So what is this story about, well what isn’t it about is probably a better question. The past that never stays buried, the craziness of the unorganized. Love, life,  and the future of … well now that I can’t tell you 🙂

Just know you won’t be dissapointed if you give Miranda a try. I can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.