This Book needs more than 5 stars, its more than a reading experience, its more than just emotional, its more than fun, its more than romantic, its a book that will tear at your heart, shatter your emotions, leave you in a sobbing mess and at the same time fill you with that overwhelming emotion we call love. And that is why this book is the first book on my blog to be awarded 6 Stars.  You may say yes, but a lot of books can make you feel that way.  I can tell you, this book is exceptional, it deals with issues that so many people survive with daily, and its written with such heart, and realism, its just beautiful ! 

Welcome to Gingham Lakes, Dr Kale Bryant’s town of residence and work. A complicated man, with his ambitions, past and hang ups. But there is no question to his dedication to his job. A doctor who will do whatever is needed for his patients, Even though he is hot, sexy and a little bit of a player. After all you can’t be that hot and not take advantage right? Oh yeah and he definitely isn’t a man who would ever settle down!!!

Hope Masterson, runs a little coffee shop. She to is a complicated lady, but Wow she is one gusty Lady. She most definitely will not get involved with any man, that would only compound the complications she already has to deal with. 

This book has it all, characters you want to be and a hero you want for your own. For me, with this book, the author has surpassed everything you would ever expect, and given us so much more. There is going to be no spoilers here, but this book had me in tears, I MEAN TEARS!! This journey isn’t easy and at times my emotions were clawing their way out of me, the hurt, the pain, the anguish. At times i felt i knew what was coming next, but oh no, this author had other idea’s and would throw me right in for a loop. It has taken me a while before i could even think of how i could possibly justify this book with the right words, but i can’t. Hope and Kales story hits so deep on every level, words leave you and emotions take over. I know without a doubt I have just read a book that will remain on my favourite list forever and when you find a book like this, it never lets you go !! Amazing Talent from an Author who brings magic to us from within her pages!



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