This is the first book I have read by this Author and it definitely won’t be my last.

This book although a romance, is really a book that will also make you stop and think about your own life, those decisions we make, the lives we lead and the questions we continually muse over in our heads with the “what if’s” or the “I wonders”.

Olivia thought she had her life ahead planned and sorted but a cheating fiance and a betrayal by a friend changes her path. Now 20 years after leaving all that heartache behind, she’s going to come face to face again that past that altered her life.  Justin the Ex is now married to Olivia’s ex friend Petal, and Olivia is in a relationship with Adam, her gorgeous handsome boyfriend.  So what happens if we give in to those “what if’s?”

This book is extremely well written and totally engaging, although I found it difficult to totally connect to the characters and found myself questioning their actions,  or maybe it was making me think and question myself!!  I still wanted to read more and get to know the characters.  At many times i really wasn’t sure how I  was hoping the book would end and couldn’t decide who or why i wanted my loyalties to lie with. I loved Olivia’s characters, yet at times i wanted to shake her.  At the same time even though there were aspect’s that within real life i wouldn’t like, this author has written in a way that let me fully understand and appreciate the actions within the story.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole reading experience, i think we all have issues, emotions, and questions about our pasts that sometimes we need to resolve to be fully free of them and this author has perfectly captured LIFE and Romance with the thorns among the roses !!!  Definitely a book i’d recommend !!!