What and absolutely super Rom Com, right from beginning to end !!!!
This story centers around Poppy and her One night stand Adam, who she also invites as to her sisters wedding as her plus one Fake Boyfriend! Hoping that he can deal with her Crazy Family.
I loved both these characters, Adam was sinful sex on a stick and Poppy was a mishap waiting to happen, sarky mouth, sassy and a temper to match her hair !! These characters and their antics, just felt so real, the dialogue was so natural, and had me in many fits of giggles. The family, well what can i say, they remind me so much of a typical household !! The mother with her need to have everything right and control it, the dad with his quiet demeanour, yet knows all, the sister being a bit of a bridezilla, and of course the grandparent with the loose tongue and no filter!! lol as i said a mishap of events bound to happen and yes its definitely Poppy in the middle of it all!!! I loved the relationship that developed between Poppy and Adam, definitely a match of opposites destined to forever keep each other on their toes. Add in some extra little surprises (especially about Adam) and you really are hooked all the more!!