Oh Boy, this is book continues from where the explosive 2nd book ends and omg what a finale !!!!
The intensity reaches boiling point and the sexy hotness gets even hotter!! I couldn’t get enough of this dark dangerous explosive couple!!!
Sera’s life is still in danger and Fix is determined to protect her. In this book we learn so much more of the the past Sera has had to endure, and at times it just wasn’t easy. I adored her, even with her past she hasn’t lost herself and still has the ability to trust and to love!! Fix omg that man, instant meltdown when his dirty mouth comes out to play !!
The twists in this book have you greedily devouring the pages, with emotions flying from heart thumping to heart melting, it really is a must read series !!! OMG the end? Definitely threw me for a loop !! This couple have battled through a life that would easily break someones soul, yet they managed to find something beautiful. It took them a long time to find their “light” in life but what a bright shining light they are !!!!