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This is going to be a difficult review. Spoiler free, oh hell so difficult when i want to shout from the roof tops !!! 
Amber & Channing, best friends,both have had heartbreak and devastation in their lives, Amber’s one and only boyfriend was the other guy in their friendship trio, but are recently broken up when Channing comes to stay with Amber for an extended stay due to work. 
Oh my heart was chuckling with joy at this couple. Both just totally captivated me, Channing, hot, sexy, charming and someone you would definitely want to be around. Amber a girl with her confidence broken but still shone!! 
Well holy moly but the chemistry between these two had me squirming in my seat, and i couldn’t wait to get from page to page. I loved getting bits of both POV’S because seeing both sides to this couple just pulls your heart right in to the depths of romance heaven. My emotions were haywire with this book, because i just couldn’t predict where it was going, what was coming next, or how it was going to end!!! When I’m shouting at the pages, when I want to shake the characters bones till they rattle and when I am so engrossed in a story i don’t even know what time of day it is, now that is something i just don’t get with every book, but this author gives it in spades!! This is definitely my most favorite of Friends to Lovers Books I have read and this is possibly one of this authors Best Books. I so want to tell you what happens, but you will have to read it !!! lol 




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