Addison Wanks hasn’t had the best of upbringing. Daughter to a junkie mum and huge Rock n Roll star Billy Wanks. Billy only became a father to Addy (The Daughter he didn’t know existed) after the death of her mother. The father daughter relationship hasn’t always been easy, Addy most definitely has issues of abandonment from her childhood, and is always trying to be the perfect daughter for her dad. At the age of 17 when he find her making out back stage with the Warren Price, things take a little turn for the worse. Addy becomes adept at the “little white lies” you know those harmless ones? The ones you convince yourself that you have to, to protect someone’s feelings and not leaving them feeling hurt?
After a secret passionate affair with Warren they elope and marry. But soon after things turn to Addy’s worst nightmare and she leaves. Now four years later they are all thrown together for a tour.
AHHH I loved this book, yes i have a weakness for Rock Stars, but this was definitely a surprising plot with twists i just did not expect. Addy and Warren, really were electric together. OH Warren, that man is rock and roll SIN AND SEX !!!! Quite a lot happens in this book and I loved the way the story unfolds as we learn both their past and their present. The dynamics of the the relationships between friends, family and new bumps along the way. Addy surprised me, her growth and character during the book had me letting loose the tears, her father had me laughing, Warren has me melting and swooning, and I loved being right in the middle of their “GANG”. This was my first read by this author and It will definitely NOT be my last !!!!!