“To unexpectedly be faced with, or an experience possibly hostile or difficult.”

The title of this book is perfect! My head is swimming with All that is Grey and Olivia and their life at the hands of Penn State University.

Grey is an Enigma, Complicated, compulsive, Sullen, surly, sexy, yet also sweet, protective and fun. Add in a muscle bound tattooed body and you can understand why life isn’t easy around him!

Olivia the straight laced girl of nightly bad dreams who wakes frequently screaming away her nightmares of the past entwined with characters of the present, is equally Complex but in different ways.

Her past stops her being a free spirit. Bound by her Mother and Fearful of failure. Beautiful and hidden like a bird in a cage.

This story is both Beautiful, and soul destroying. The internal fight in Olivia of what she wants and should be broke my heart I found myself wanting to slap sence into her Mother!

The battle of Olivia and Grey can’t be simplified. It’s ugly, raw, gritty yet in moments perfect and beautiful.

Twisted and tortured souls attract each other like magnets but when things go bad the explosions affect all and sundry. No one is left untouched…

I can’t wait to start the next book in this series. This is not a standalone..  very addictive reading here! enter at your own risk! 😁