Don’t be like me and think this is a standalone because it’s not. Someone pointed this out to me so it’s only fair I tell you the same thing.

This book continues right when Grey : The Encounter ended. You really do need to know who Grey is and what has already happened before delving into the darkness of the infatuation.

Is a monster born that way or do circumstances make him so? Is innocent over rated or under valued?

Grey walks the fine line between what he is and what he needs to be often losing his balance and falling along the way, his past interfering with his vision of the future and his present ever changing.

Olivia blossoms in the infatuation, she’s like a rose under a glass dome. So beautiful yet fragile and delicate at the same time. Petals fall as her Heart breaks will she remain standing or wilt and give in and revert to her past self.

I got cocky I thought I knew what was going to happen and I was both delighted and shocked. Astonished actually that I was so wrong.

How can something so wrong be so right I can’t sum this book any better than that.

To read is to understand where my mind is, my thoughts and my delight at the unexpected. What an utterly fantastic book. This is definetly a must read series of 2018!!