Oh how I loved this book !!! This is Billy Wanks and Nanny Daisy Clemmens story!!
Daisy loves kids so in between jobs she accepted the position to Nanny Addison Wanks, Billy’s daughter who we met in the first book (Good Lies) in this series.
Billy Wanks is the epitome of Egotistical, pompus, drama llama, sex and sin rock god !!! Falling for him would be the biggest mistake of her life never mind her career, Right?
I loved getting to know Daisy’s relationship with Addison, she’s more than just a nanny, she’s a strong woman, full of humour and can stand her own ground. But i absolutely adored the relationship that grew between her and Billy. The banter between them had me transfixed and in fits of laughter. But Billy is a difficult man and his trust issues are huge. Oh the Drama !! These characters are so easy to love even with their flaws, and although Billy is often an eccentric asshole, his family means the world to him. So yes he has difficulty falling for the Nanny and I am SO GLAD!! because it made for an excellent and entertaining read that’s different from the normal rockstars !!!