I really didn’t think the first book in this Duet, MERCY could be topped, but i was wrong, Debra Anastasia has blew this right out of the ball park !!!
Although this could be read as a standalone, i’d highly recommend reading Mercy first, to really “get” these complicated, beautiful characters and their relationships.
When Life deals you the worst possible senario’s from an early age, when society lets you down and abandons you, and there’s nothing left but the dark side, darkeness and no hope, what do you do?
Havoc (Animal) rise’s from the bitter lemons he’s been dealt from a young age, but he brings those he cares about with him. Since early days at school, practically a street kid and starving, Animal has been friended by T. A complicated girl also raising herself and homeless. He has on occassions saved her life as she has his.
Now adults, T has returned, at a time when danger is lurking, ready to pounce.
Well OMG this book is everything, its original, its unique and it absolutely takes you mentally and emotionally by the throat, because that is where your heart will reside !!! and it does not let go. Both Animal and T will have you in shattered pieces, yes its dark and what they have to do to survive is just that, its survival, these people will give their all to protect the other. This is a love story that will reach deep into your soul, and truly touches your heart in the best of ways. There are twists that just leave you falling all the more for both Animal & T. I laughed, I cried, actually i sobbed, its been quite a while since I’ve been on such tender hooks and so deeply anxious for the outcome. It’s been quite a while since I’ve read a book where i felt so deeply immersed in a story that i forget all normal life around me. These people aren’t just family, they are everything to each other that gives them life !! I absolutely loved getting to know these characters, and they will definitely remain right in my Top Reads. Dark, Beautiful and Raw.. and has left me in awe of this Author’s Talent.