This is a book that will be loved by any romance fans. It’s Sweet, it’s funny, Sassy and hot !!

Lily a workaholic travel writer and blogger is forced into taking a vacation by her Boss. Although totally against it, Lily accepts it and wants to spend the time mulling over her relationship that has kind of run its course with her long term boyfriend, and its really only one week Right?
Well hello !!! She did not expect the week to go as it did. Everything went right out of the window when she met Thorn. Now he’s a man you can’t fail to fall in love with, He’s hot, sexy, a little alpha, but he’s caring and sweet and dayum that man has skills in the bedroom !!! Their attraction is instant and they decide to spend the week together, giving each other no personal details and neither of them looking for a relationship. When the week is up, Lily skips out of his room and returns home without even saying goodbye. Is that the end? Well you have to read it, its sure does bring some pleasant unexpected little twists, and i enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Well paced and a story that keeps you turning it the pages. I loved the characters, and their growth during this journey had me emotional and yet smiling a lot of the time. Definitely a romance that warms your heart !!!




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