OMG, just when i thought this book would settle all my issues, questions and give me all my answers, OH NO!! it just wrapped me up all the more and chewed up my brain !!!!
Amelia who has been walking a tightrope on who she actually loves finally makes some decisions. With Connor now not in the picture, she’s kinda falling for Aiden the Soccer God, but as always Robins is never to be ruled out !! I kinda like Robins, it’s obvious he is in love with her but just doesn’t feel he will ever deserve her. Arggh these peeps and their issues, i wanna butt their heads together!! But will the guy she wants to give her all to, be on the same page as her?
Hawk the Pyscho Stalker is upping his game, and playing to “Win” The suspense !!!!! Secrets, lies, twists and turns, my head is spinning and i so desperately want to know what is going to happen !!! I was definitely on the edge of my seat for this one, and i’m not even going to think of giving anything away but AARRGGHHH NO NO NO THE END !!! I will no doubt be chewing my nails waiting on the next book because i really don’t know nor can i predict where this author is going to take me !! And i can honestly say, i am loving it !!!