After reading the first book, Knights After My Heart, I immediately dived into this book, because Hello??? The suspense and the way the first book ended had me thrown into a tail spin !!!!
In this book, the stalker suspense increases, Amelia is still trying to work out which guy she’s gonna officially have a relationship with. Her and Robin’s friendship begins to show cracks and it seems that Connor is gonna be the guy to try to gain her heart. Phew i’m almost out of breath with what’s going on with this group of people. Amelia’s problems of the heart seem to be getting more complicated because the “Soccer Gods” (all hot delicious athletes) are now paying her attention too. So she does what she does best, she keeps her options open and tinkers with everyones emotions!! Did i like Amelia any better in this book? Not really, she’s a fluffy brain !!! Seems to me she just revels in male attention, but this book is so much more more than an indecisive girl. It’s got a lot more going on, and i really enjoyed the suspense, this Hawk stalker is starting to show his true colours, but only to us readers!!!! I had to hold myself back so many times from shouting at my kindle “omg can you not see what he’s up to?” It’s those moments of knowing something is gonna happen, and you can’t warn anyone because you still don’t know what EXACTLY is gonna occur, you just know its gonna be bad !!!!! Super suspense, i’m still hooked and biting my nails for the next one !!! OMG AND THIS ONE’S ENDING !! GRRR AHHHH NEED the next one right now !!!