Loved this Character as Erin’s Best Friend in the first book of this Series, Ace of Hearts, and couldn’t wait for his story.
His love interest here is Celina, Erin’s older cousin, a highly independent woman, ambitious, oh and the big NO NO for a biker, she’s a journalist!!!!
Meeting Knuckles at Erin’s birthday party kind of throws Erin into the deep end of an MC Club. The attraction between her and Knuckles is obvious. But he’s everything that is wrong for her, he’s a single parent (instant swoon) he’s a biker ( HOT SEXY BIKER), he’s making her feel things she shouldn’t (omg yes he’s the kinda man we all want).
I loved how Knuckles goes after this woman, woo’s her in such obvious yet Alpha ways. Even though they are total opposites i was captivated. I loved Celina, and how she spoke her mind. Even though you know their story will have drama, this author brings it to you perfectly. Even though this is an MC Series we really get the emotional fix we need, on a personal level, with the important things like LOVE, Loyalty, Family, Protectiveness, and two people who just want to share their lives together despite the odds and have their “family behind them.” Isn’t that what we all want?? Oh be Still my heart!! I feel like a cliche, because this author always makes me eat my own words. I love the Hero’s and everytime i find my favorite, she gives me another to take the pedestal as she has done this time yet again !!