I was anxious going into this book, because i know this author brings emotion that grips your heart so tight you feel the break !!! I felt Oliver Preston and Nikki Walter’s story was going to be emotional, after all we have got to know some of their past from the previous books in the series. I thought i was prepared for ALL THE FEELS. I wasn’t. I love a story where the couple are desperately in love, and brings you emotionally to a place where you physically feel your heart breaking right along with them, your tears flood right along with them and you laugh right along with them. So much has happened with these childhood friends,When the path they should be walking together is torn apart , but not their love. This book is true love, deep, filled with both the beauty and the pain. When life has shredded you and left you empty, when guilt eats you, even if it is misplaced, how can you ever be whole enough again to be the person you should be for those you love the most. This couple and group of friends have been through it all together and their support and strength for each other just left me in a melted puddle. Yes there is anguish in this book, yes at times you will feel like a mack truck has slapped you, yes you will laugh, sob and smile. But most of all you will finish this book with your heart bursting with love for Ollie, Nikki and this whole group of friends. Their journey isn’t easy but it is one you will never regret travelling with them !!!