An empty page, a flashing curser an open mouth (not drooling honest) with thoughts of wow, and oh my..

Shiloh and her brother Jasper along with their childhood friend or best friend in Shilohs case Tobias are up against Reid, Willow and Drake in a talent contest hosted by Rising star to find and book the next big music act.

Sounds simple and straight forward right? wrong ..

Fear does crazy things to people. It paralyzes the rational part of your brain, it turns you into someone so far from the person you were. Can you hide your fears from the people you love when you need to overcome them to achieve your dream?

Whilst you can’t rewrite the past nor hide from it the future is yours or in this case Shilohs..

The characters in this book make me almost have to blow on each page. The intensity, the passion, the angst and dramatic atmosphere all blend together perfectly like a riff with a heavenly drum beat.

Scenes so lustful, raunchy, provocative and hot flush inducing, fill your heart with desire for Reid.

If you don’t by the end of this want Reid to be yours, then that’s ok because I’m more than happy to keep him to myself but I suspect that wont be the case.

What a fantastic start to a new series and I eagerly await the next dose of Lee piper and her magnificent consuming world of rock.