This book starts with Malia, being practically tossed out on the streets by her roomate, between all her jobs and staying with friends she’s having great difficulty keeping up at school. At a faculty she meets Zephyr Donovan.

Zephyr has moved to Pittsburgh to escape his past, but also to take up a fellowship with the Tanashi Corp. When he meets Malia, he instantly feels a connection to her, but on learning that he’s also to be her mentor, he knows that these feelings he has for her can’t go any further !!

I really loved both Zephyr and Malia, i found myself just rooting for them right from the start. Zephyr just melted my heart, even with his past he couldn’t hide his beautiful caring side, yet he was no ones walk over either, just the perfect combination of traits. Malia even with all her struggles, was kick ass and determined and i loved that about her. Even though at times a little predictable, (it is romance after all !!) i thoroughly enjoyed every step of their journey and i loved the little twist at the end, i was like “WHAT??” Well written , steamy, and endearing. Definitely a romance to warm your heart, engage your emotions and provide you with a hot sexy new Book Boyfriend !! Move over Malia !!!!