Holy WOW !!
This is a hot sexy Rockstar Romance, NO wait, its a high suspense Mafia Romance, no wait !! Who could ever write a book that combines these opposite ends of the chart? A book that absolutely bowled me over !!! Yep Molly McAdams.
Maxon, the delicious Rock Star and Libby, have been in love all their lives, but give each other no commitments.’He’s always on tour, he’s never home. His lifestyle isn’t really one that shouts out, Faithful and Loyal right? But when he is home.. neither He nor Libby can see anything else but each other. Libby is a free spirit, you just can’t tie her down. She is also holding a lot of dark and dangerous secrets that she would do anything to protect Maxon from. So what happens when they finally stop the denial of their love and go for it !!!! I loved Maxon, but most of all I loved how he loved Libby!! He left me permanently in a swooning puddle . Libby, just wow !! She is one tough cookie yet her heart is so openly soft, my heart bled for her, and at times I couldn’t see how she could ever be in the right place to have the life she dreamed off! This author blends the darkness and the light so perfectly, and i was literally anxious to devour every page.
OMG this book is nothing you expect and everything you want and didn’t know!! I love the twist that Molly McAdams give us, i was literally spinning! High drama and suspense had me most definitely palpating. I can’t even begin to tell you how quick, hard and fast this book will grip you. Hold on tight because you will be rocked to your core !!!!






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