This book carries on from the first book DIRTY, which must be read first.
Oh Heck Sera and Fix, get dirtier !! The hot steamy kind !! This man can melt you into a puddle from 20 paces ! Everything he says and does just about sets me on fire. After learning Fix’s profession and witnessing it, Sera still trusts and feels safest with him, but more secrets are about to unfold that leave you with even more questions!! I’m biting my nails and on edge, Gimme some answers!! I loved this continuation, the more we learn about both Fix and Sera, we realise the shit hasn’t even begun to hit the fan. I was hoping to get some answers i needed from the first book, but again this author has reeled me in as we get more dead ends as the dangers amount. i have so many more questions and i can’t even begin to think where we will be taken next. The deeper they fall for each other the dirtier they get !! LOVE IT !!! I Love that Fix pushes Sera out of all her comfort zones, I hate that we didn’t get a few answers in this one but i’m hoping all becomes clear in the next book!! I do have my suspicions about a particular person (female) who may turn out to not be as protective or loyal to Fix as he thinks !! omg MORE I NEED MORE !!!!!!