A Definite 5 stars for this beautifully written book that deals with delicate subjects and one that most women will have experiences of in some shape or form. Bitchy Bullying, assumptions, lies, truths, peer pressure, sexual pressure and this author has written this book in a way that will appeal to everyone of every age and make us also look inside ourselves. When women and young girls don’t come forward when they have been the victim, because of guilt of feeling they themselves are responsible for someone else’s actions against them, shame, fear and that massive doubt, of being believed and judged. I gotta tell you, this book hits home with an impact that won’t soon leave you !!
Dimnah has always been a great student, that is until this her final year. She couldn’t believe it when her childhood friend and crush asked her to prom. His actions not only left her heartbroken, they destroyed her faith in herself. Thing is .. ever since she returned to school after that she’s been living through a hell. Now she’s alone, an outcast, bullied, mimicked, rumours, name calling, Slut, Tramp, Whore, have all become her daily normals. Until Aron, who see’s behind the mask.
I loved how this story was written, we learn both the past events, and the present, and with each chapter my heart broke a little more. i cried for this young girl, i think most of us at some point maybe have witnessed someone facing bullying or been bullied, or listened to rumour or we have judged based on rumours, without ever thinking of the pain or hurt its causing. I loved how Aron supported Dimnah yet never pushed her, he saw her strength and let her claim it back !!!!
I only had one problem with this book, i just really hope we get more of Dimnah and Aron!! we need more !!!